Welcome kit for Hotel, B&B "Goji". Packed in organza bags
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Welcome kit for Hotel, B&B "Goji". Packed in organza bags

Goji, also called the “tree of juth” is a perennial bush growing wild in Tibet, in Mongolia and in some provinces of China. at an altitude of 1.500 meters or more, on an uncontaminated ground.

According to Chinese medical literature, Gojy berries help to rebalance “Yin” and Yang” of the body.

Goji berry extract allowed the skin to maintain normal metabolic functions. Goji berry extract contains numerous compounds that confer potent antioxidant protection to various tissues.

Goji berry extract  is used as anti-aging and is recommendable for opaque and mature skin, anti-wrinkle and anti-smog thanks to its antipollution properties.

An interesting study was performed in human skin cultures to determine the mechanism of the potentially protective effect of Goji berry extracts. Researchers found that bathing human skin cultures with an extract from Goji berry impacted the function of several enzymes that promote skin aging. This provides evidence of an anti-aging and antioxidant effect of Goji berry extract in these human skin cultures.

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