is a professional dealer of hotel slippers and slippers for guests, welcome sets and cleaning sets

We offer several kind of disposable slippers: cotton hotel slippers, velvet hotel slippers, coral fleece hotel slippers, plastic PVC slippers and terry slippers. We can embroider or print your unique logo on the slipper, and we can make it according to your requirements, including PANTONE color, size, thickness and logo.

On request we can also offer you individually designed hotelslippers with your hotel logo.
  We offer our customers high quality products at the lowest possible price.




Cheap Hotel Slippers. Closed toe.


Cheap Hotel Slippers. Closed toe. 25pairs.

Availability: yes

Wellness and spa slippers


Wellness and spa slippers. 25 Pairs.

Availability: yes

Luxury Hotel Slippers.


Luxury Hotel Slippers. Closed toe. 25 pairs

Availability: yes

Luxury Velvet Hotel Slippers.


Luxury Velvet Hotel Slippers.25 paares.

Availability: yes

Velour luxury hotel slippers.


Velour luxury hotel slippers. Box 25 pairs. Eu

Availability: yes

Slippers für SPA und sauna.


TAHITI- Slippers for SPA and Wellness. 25 pairs.

Availability: yes Un eshop professionale completo a soli 49 euro l'anno con NewCart
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